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About Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services

Established in 2004, Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services is a multi-award-winning central vacuum installation and repair company based in Brampton. We specialize in servicing the retractable hidden hose market and have helped central vacuum stores and manufacturers in the development and training of their install teams and partners, spreading the word about this great product. We have also contributed to better product development by using our experience with the consumer to help shape the current product on the market.

Over the years, we have kept a small team of between one and ten employees to help us keep up with our unique requirements, and have tried many platforms such as retail storefronts, web-based business, and even mobile client structures, which have led us to our current successful business model.

We proudly serve many communities within a three-hour drive of the Toronto area and have been known to go even further for the right customer looking for our unique skills. Would we travel across Canada or the USA? That definitely has been considered as our business expands and grows.

The Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services Difference

At Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services, our training of future installers always makes us joyful. The expertise we provide them in six months cannot be compared to the one to two weeks offered elsewhere. Our students excel over all installers, even professionals with over twenty-five years in the field. We are often called in on projects where the local installer said it couldn’t be done, repeatedly proving that it can be done!

We have the ability to see ways to do things that the majority overlook. We have saved many people from the substantial extra expense of building boxes to hide central vacuum pipes and saved many people from ever having a costly service call due to clogs. We have similarly saved many people from having to repair unnecessary cuts in their drywall when others have told them that’s what it would take to do their installation.

Our most significant achievements have been becoming consumer choice winners, winning the Canadian business award, and several others.

We have dreams and a plan we have gradually worked on for years. So far, everything has manifested itself beautifully. COVID-19 was a speed bump that set us back a few years, but now that everything is opening up again, we now can proceed with our next big business idea.

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