How Breath-E-Z Vacuums Can Help You During COVID-19!

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, people had to stay safe with the Government implementing various rules and restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus. There were some harsh restrictions implemented on travel to prevent others from bringing the virus into another country or state. There were also changes made reducing the interactions people were having with one another. People who used to come into the office had to stay indoors as well, which lead to a large group of people working remotely. Most buildings also had restrictions on the number of people who were allowed to enter them. Businesses and companies had to make sure they could sanitize the entire place, making regular cleaning options a lot more common. There were other changes they were working around as well, but there was a much greater emphasis given to cleanliness, with people regularly washing and cleaning hands.

Offices, companies, and businesses had to make sure they had the right number of people coming into the office. In the past, smaller offices could hold a larger number of people, but with the social distancing restrictions, they had to focus on the number of people in a fixed space. One of the aspects of the virus that was quite positive for us, especially because of the industry that we work in, one revolving around cleaning was that everyone was making an effort to keep their premises and homes as clean as possible. There were no solutions to curing the virus, with the exact treatment process quite unclear as well. People were focusing on getting people to clean and sanitize their homes as often as possible.

We do not see COVID-19 impacting our core ability to perform any of our in-home essential installation and repair services. However, if we are to predict changes taking place in the upcoming days and months, we see the situation limiting the ability of manufacturers and supply chain. We also see frequent delivery delays because of multiple new rules about transportation. With the way we set up as a company, we would often know in advance if we were running out of any product and can offer alternatives if they are needed.

We were quite fortunate to have not seen much disruption with our operations presently. We did make some changes to the way we were communicating with one another, but that was the extent, taking us some time to adapt. From a business point of view, everything was quite similar to the way that it was in the past. We continue to communicate through emails and text messaging, and phone. Although we were using the same processes in the past, there were few changes as we used to spend more time communicating in person, which we now added to the backburner.

When it comes to the work that we handle, we get most of it done online or remotely. However, there are some challenges with working remotely, like balancing office and home life, but there are a lot of benefits of working remotely, and in most cases, they outnumber the cons. We have not been working from an office so we don’t have to maintain a limit of people who should be coming into the office. Additionally, there are a few rules about offices in general, but fortunately, they do not apply to us.

When it comes to the meetings that we handle, we have to take a lot of precautions. These include wearing face masks when meeting our clients, using alcohol-based sanitizers, remaining six feet away from one another, and following the government requirements. We have not made any changes to the amount of time we spend working as we are trying to catch up with the time we lost in the initial days of the lockdown. We are currently working the same hours, from nine to five.

We are using the same platforms that we regularly use when we are communicating with one another, but we did make sure that they are secure. The primary software that we have our hands on is called QB Online. Additionally, we use WhatsApp to communicate with people, so we do not have to organize a meeting when we can have a conversation over the phone and sort out the requirement.

However, due to the nature of our business, we occasionally travel to our clients. For the safety of our clients and staff, we make sure we use the proper methods of hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and wearing masks. Additionally, we do not force our clients to meet us in person and are open to coordinating it through a different approach, if needed.

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