Is The Retraflex Retractable Hose Right For Me?

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Vacuuming is one of the smartest cleaning technologies we have today. It significantly reduces the dirt and dust in your home and can even help rid the place of dust mites in furniture upholstery and carpets. However, when you think about vacuuming your home, you’re automatically put off by the task of lugging around the heavy machinery and long hose from room to room and corner to corner. At the same time, you may struggle to find the ideal outlet to power the vacuum.

If you are tired of these struggles and are looking for an ergonomic solution to vacuum your home, invest in the Retraflex retractable hose for your central vacuum system.

What is a central vacuum system?
A central vacuum system or built-in vacuum is a vacuum with pipes running through the insides of your walls. These pipes are connected to a large vacuum unit that is located either in the basement or garage. The other ends of the pipes are connected to suction ports in the walls of different rooms. To make these central vacuum systems even more efficient and convenient, they can be fitted with the Retraflex retractable hose that can be pulled out of and concealed in the walls.

How does the Retraflex retractable hose work?
Instead of having to carry your central vacuum hose throughout the house and up and down the stairs, the Retraflex retractable hose is already attached to the vacuum saving you a lot of trouble. With this system, most houses will only need one inlet per floor (to vacuum up to 3600 sq feet) with one sixty-foot hose. The hose is sucked into your wall from the suction of your central vacuum after use, so you don’t have to make place to store it in the closet or basement. With just one hose that comes in thirty, forty, fifty, and sixty feet, you can efficiently clean your entire house.

Is it easy to use?
It’s very simple and easy to use the Retraflex retractable hose and it makes your central vacuum more accessible than ever. To get it working, all you need to do is pull out the hose and give the handle a light pull. Initially, you may have trouble figuring out the best angle to pull the hose. At the same time, you may forget that you need to pull the hose handle. Fortunately, it’s easy to get a hold of the process after a few tries.

Questions you may have about the Retraflex retractable hose

1. Will the hose get stuck in the wall?
No, it won’t. In case you have trouble pulling it out of place, you can reach out to us at Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services, and we will have the problem solved in no time.

2. How does the hose go into the wall?
There is a retractable system that’s set up when installing the hose to your central vacuum system. Once you are done vacuuming, all you need to do is push the vacuum handle back in and hold your hand over the end of the hose to allow it to retract. Once you close the vacuum outlet door, the vacuum will shut off.

3. What is the warranty of the hose and the central vacuum machine?
You can reach out to us at Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services for these details. Simply give us a call at (289) 801-7890, and we will answer your questions.

4. Will it work with my existing system?
Again, reach out to our team, and we will ask you questions about your current system to determine if it is an ideal fit for the Retraflex retractable hose.

5. How much does it cost?
The cost of the Retraflex retractable hose all depends on the size and needs of your family and home. Usually, the cost is more expensive than a conventional hose. We provide an onsite measurement to get an accurate measurement for you so you can clean your home with ease.

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