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Cleaning your home and keeping it in a presentable condition is a challenge for pretty much everyone. At least once a week, we pull out the trusty vacuum cleaner, lug it up and down the stairs and struggle with misplaced attachments. Even more frustratingly, a problem that often arises is a lack of power outlets or cables that don’t reach far enough, and even if they do, they get tangled up, making it harder to efficiently clean.

At Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services, we have the solution to all your vacuuming woes. Since 2004 we have been offering complete installation services of Retraflex retractable hose central vacuum systems that, unlike conventional vacuums, hide up to sixty feet of hose in the walls of your home. 

With Retraflex retractable hose central vacuum systems, there is no need to carry a vacuum cleaner anywhere in your home. You simply pull out the length of hose necessary for the task at hand, lock the hose in place to turn on the system automatically, and turn off the switch and put your hand over the hose to have the suction of your central vacuum, suck the hose back into the wall. With Retraflex retractable hose central vacuum systems, no ungainly pipes or wires are hanging everywhere as all are accommodated in the walls of your home.

Another benefit of the system is that storage of a traditional vacuum is now a thing of the past, and vacuuming is no longer a chore as Retraflex retractable hose central vacuum systems simplify cleaning. Even your children will now want to play a part in keeping your home spotless and clean. 

Retraflex retractable hose central vacuum systems also increase your home’s value by several thousand dollars, make your home rather unique, and are a great conversation piece when entertaining guests and relatives. The cost for all this functionality depends on specific hose length requirements and the number of locations needed but starts at $999.99 plus installation.

At Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services, our team has been certified by HP products and through Trovac Industries. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure every install is done correctly and properly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The way we see it when it is done the right way, there are no chances of issues or problems with the system. We are so confident in our capabilities that we offer a lifetime warranty on our installations’ workmanship.

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