Frequently Asked Questions About Retraflex Retractable Hose Systems

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Do you dislike vacuuming your home? Is the conventional vacuum cleaner ungainly, heavy, and an eyesore that needs to be stored in a cupboard after each use? Retraflex Retractable Hose Systems are designed to address all these issues. However, if it’s your first time considering such options for your home, you may have doubts and questions about certain aspects. To clear your confusion and arm you with the information you need to make the right decisions, Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Retraflex Retractable Hose Systems and why they make sense.

1. What are Retraflex Retractable Hose Systems?
Unlike a conventional central vacuum system, Retraflex Retractable Hose Systems conceal the vacuum system and the hose within the walls of your home. The system allows you to enjoy simplicity as you do not need specific storage space. You receive efficiency as you have a hose behind every inlet. Moreover, you get speed as there is no need to lug around a cumbersome vacuum cleaner.

2. Where does the hose go, and how?
The simple act of turning off the switch, removing the attachment, and putting your hand over the opening allows the system to retract the hose. Closing the door stops the system. Retraflex Retractable Hose uses the suction of the central vacuum to suck the hose back into the walls of your home, leaving it clean and uncluttered. 

3. What happens if the hose gets stuck in the wall?
Well, if installation is done correctly, this should never happen. Plus, Retraflex Retractable Hoses are designed to be frictionless when extended and during the process of being retracted. At Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services, our installations are the best in the business, and we pretty much guarantee a hassle-free experience. But, if there is ever a problem, we will be over to fix the issue promptly.

4. Will the hose scratch my floors, walls, and furniture?
No. The hose has been designed and constructed with a soft exterior covering that will not scratch or damage your flooring or furniture.

5. Will the hose get dirty going in and out of the wall?
Conventionally hoses, do pick up dirt from the floor and stay on the hose while being stored. The benefit of the Retraflex system is that the vacuum cleans the hose as it is being pulled back into the tube.

6. Can the Retraflex system be installed in any existing home?
Well, Retraflex Systems can be installed in most homes. As long as you reside within The Greater Toronto area, Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services can visit your home for a free consultation and review the best options for your home. Outside the Greater Toronto area, consultation fees do apply.

If you have any more questions about central vacuum installation and repair services, get in touch with the experts at Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services. As the leading vacuum store in Brampton, we bring a one-stop experience that guides our clients to feel, see, and hear the product, so they are confident that their cleaning needs are satisfied.

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