Changes We Can Expect In The Vacuum Service Industry

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In the past year, all of us have been affected by the constantly changing restrictions presented to control the COVID-19 spread. Most of us have lost employment or been forced to work at home. Because of this new trend, some of our customers have had to adapt to staying at home with pets, children, and eating at home. This made quite a few people focus on their cleaning needs, updating their central vacuum systems, and finding ways to improve indoor air quality.

Some in the Vacuum business industry could not adjust to changes in their operations, and some could not satisfy their customers’ requests for products in a timely matter due to disruptions in the supply chain which resulted in a literal vacuum in our industry. Some vacuum retailers closed their doors forever! As an essential service that is quick to adapt to technology, we at Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services noticed an instant drop in our scheduling the week of COVID-19 change announcements in Ontario. However, we had a quick recovery by having our schedules fill up with work and requests again.

With our shift to products delivered to your door and our online sales platform, we were able to provide all that was available to us and deliver to our customers with very little delay. And we only focused on selling what was actually available, creating happy customers along the way. In the coming months, we anticipate greater growth and look forward to a more normal work environment as many get vaccinated. All of this will only increase our business opportunities to reach more customers with products they need to update their central vacuum needs and the air quality of their homes. Because of the current stabilizing of the environment, we are expecting a few changes, such as:

1. We will go back to having trade shows
The past two years were unprecedented, but things are finally getting back to normal, and trade shows are regaining importance. Trade shows are a key part of the business model that drives sales to existing customers, new buyers who are unhappy with their current vendor, and buyers attracted by new products presented at the show. Our SPRING HOME SHOWS will once again give clients the chance to see what is new and available for their new home build or renovations. We believe that nothing can replace the dynamic of an in-person event. Seeing someone face-to-face and showing that product right before their eyes can help make a sale.

2. Stores will open their doors to more walk-in traffic
The pandemic has changed traditional store operations, with physical distancing and a new preference for self-service altering the formula for customer experience. The priority for many customers today is to get in and out of a store as quickly and safely as possible—if they choose to go in at all, providing a safe experience will be critical to alleviating customers’ anxieties and enabling a return to in-person interactions. As professionals who care about the well-being of our customers, we will ensure we implement policies and processes to enable safe distancing, sanitize surfaces and products, and communicate proactively, clearly, and empathetically.

As much as many people want to go back to “normal” after COVID-19, the fact is retail will look different for a while (maybe for good) even when states and cities start opening up completely again. COVID-19 has dramatically and suddenly shifted more customer traffic to digital channels. This means we can partially offset diminished foot traffic in physical stores by boosting investments in online acquisition. With more investment in online marketing, winners are adapting their strategies to account for shifts in consumer behavior. These adaptations include paying closer attention to paid search (for example, looking at keyword performance and consumer intent) and improving the shopping experience of social channels.

While we are open for trade shows and walk-ins, we are not ignoring the new digital aspect of it. This is why we also provide a customer-friendly shopping interface on our website so that customers can read up on any information they want regarding any product we have. Doing so can help them narrow down the few products they want, reducing their time in our store or our time in their house.

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