Top Five Things To Look For In A Retraflex, Central Vacuum Installer

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To ensure a simplified and safe installation of the central vacuum system, it is best to hire a professional installer who can provide services that comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and quality standards.

A Retraflex helps keep the vacuum system concealed within your house’s walls to maintain your space’s aesthetic value and safety. To decide when and how to install the vacuum system, you may seek expert advice as they are well-equipped with the right products and can guide you better.

If you’re looking for vacuum services, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in a retroflex central vacuum Installer. 

1. Experience and knowledge
Before hiring a central vacuum installer, check for how long they have been working as an installer for the product you wish to get installed. Enquire if they understand the product’s working and if they have any trade references available upon request for the product they are installing.

2. Training
Ask them when they got trained and if they possess a certificate validating their training. Ask them about any additional credentials of training that they may have. 

3. Insured
Their safety and yours need to check if they have any commercial liability insurance in case any damage is caused in your home. Check if they have workplace safety and insurance board (WSIB) certification, which can come to the rescue if they get injured while on your property.

4. Reputation
In this industry, everyone is known for their work which is why checking what their “real customers” say about their service and craftsmanship. Especially when it is well known that many companies pay for 5-star reviews to take away the business from legitimate businesses.

5. Quality
To check for the quality of their work, ask for pictures. You may look at their Instagram, Facebook, and company website for images of their work. Ask if they offer any warranty on their services and products.

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