Conventional Central Vacuum Installation vs. Retraflex Installation

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A central vacuum system is a whole-house vacuuming system for dust removal from floors and furniture. A huge power/suction unit, generally found in a basement, garage, or utility closet serves as the system’s main hub. Choosing the right central vacuum installation for your budget and needs is very important. As experts in the field, we at Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services have written down the difference between a conventional central vacuum installation and a Retralfex installation. 

A. Conventional central vacuum installation

A conventional central vacuum installation is great for traditional budgets. They easily last twenty years or more if it is properly maintained. They’re built to last because they’re composed of heavy-duty components (steel unit and PVC pipe). This installation can be used on most central vacuum cleaners available at the market rate for the same square footage of the home. Usually, the installation can be done in one day. It provides a cleaner, healthier environment in the home. 

However, there are problems that come with it too. You have to carry the hose to each inlet, up and down the stairs, which can be cumbersome. It can be a hassle to wrap it up and put it away. It usually is just left out after vacuuming. If the central vacuum is not installed properly, you can expect many service calls.

B. Retraflex installation

The Retraflex installation is very simple and efficient to use. Just pull out the hose, and vacuum, then let the vacuum cleaner suck it back into the wall. Even the kids like to vacuum using the Retraflex. One hose can be installed on each floor. You no longer need to carry it up and down the stairs. You do not need to find storage space for the hose. It is easily sucked up into the central vacuum pipe behind the walls. It is lightweight, goes with any decor of the home, and provides a cleaner and healthier environment in the home.  

Because of the design and numerous benefits, more labor and material costs are involved. This installation process also requires specific central vacuum machines designed for use with Retraflexes which makes a majority of central vacuums on the market useless. If it is not installed properly, the hose can become stuck in the walls. 


Those on a tight budget and already have a central vacuum install roughed into their home should consider purchasing a conventional install. Those who have purchased a new home (even if a conventional install has been roughed in), are undergoing renovations, or are building a custom home should consider the Retraflex. This is very beneficial for people who find it harder to carry the traditional hose and want something simple and easier to use. Retraflex also increases the value of the home. Whichever installation you choose, you will have an overall better experience and a healthier and cleaner environment. When having a central vacuum installed, consider the size of your home, how many floors you have, if you have any carpets, etc. Do your research and find an installer who is reputable and knows how to do a proper installation.

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