Retraflex Retractable Hose Central Vacuum System by Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services

What Is Retraflex Retractable Hose

Unlike conventional central vacuum installation.
With Retraflex you can hide up to 60’ of hose in the walls.(in the pipe)
You no longer need to carry a hose from floor to floor.
No need to find a spot to store the hose
You can vacuum easily in 6 simple steps

Central Vacuum Repair Caledon by Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services

  • I have heard that there are many issues with the Retraflex/ Hide A Hose
  • How does the hose get into the wall?
  • What happens if the hose gets stuck in the wall?
  • Will the hose scratch my floor, walls and furniture?
  • Can the Retraflex be installed in an existing home?
  • Will the hose and or hose sock get dirty?

There are many ways to install a central vacuum and Retraflex. Breath-E-Z Vaccum Services team has been certified Through HP Products and Certified Knowledge through Trovac Industries.

Therefore we take pride in making sure that your install is done correctly and properly. When it is done the right way there are NO issues or problems with the system.

That is why we provide a lifetime warranty on the workmanship of our installations.

From the suction of the central vacuum machine. That is why it is so important to make sure you have the right size of vacuum for your home.

When the installation is done correctly the hose should never get stuck in the wall. If by chance it does then Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services will be able to fix the issue. Also, the hose has been made in a certain way so it will be smooth going in and out of the wall.

No. It has been made in a special way so it will not scratch.

The Retraflex can be installed in most homes. Breath-E-Z Vacuum Services can visit your home for a free* consultation and review the best options for your home.
*Only in the Greater Toronto Area outside the Greater Toronto Area consultation fee applies.

With conventional hoses they can pick up dirt from the floor and stay on the hose while being stored. The benefit of the Retraflex is that the vacuum cleans the hose as it is being put back into the tube.