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Certified Installation

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

When asked what I do for a living, I say that I have successfully helped 1000's of people hide up to 60 feet of hose inside their walls since 2004. But before I get to the question that this creates, the same one you are now poised to ask... Let me tell you who I am. The next blog will deal with the question.

The current reality of the central vacuum installation market is what I am working hard to change. Many people feel that anyone can install a central vacuum and that there is no real skill needed. In fact, if you watch one youtube video, and using a hack saw, you can install your own central vacuum system. And...It doesn't end there, if you have done at least one job, you can now market yourself as a professional!!!

My customers, however, strongly disagree with those statements. After seeing my work, and having personally experienced what a properly trained and knowledgeable installer has done for them, they have echoed many times that " must have a central vacuum installed properly." They even insist to their family and friends to phone me. I'm very humbled and flattered by the daily requests and all the people that I have helped to have a properly installed system that will never clog.

I'm also the last installer that many vacuum stores, or central vacuum manufactures will call if their professional installer can't do a job. They also are aware the difference that a properly trained and knowledgeable installer can make.

I'm also certified. I was properly trained by someone else who also was certified. I'm one of a small handful of central vacuum installation specialist, and my name is highly recognized in my field of expertise.

I also train central vacuum installers so that they too can understand the proper way to design and install a system so that it never ever clogs. If they so choose, these installers can also study, take a skilled test, and get a certificate from a central vacuum manufacture stating that they passed, and now know the proper way to install a central vacuum system. Even if they have been a professional installer for over 25 years, they can still learn to do it correctly. I've seen it start to happen with my own eyes.

This way they can move out of the ranks of being called a professional, and rise to a higher status, and actually help build up the central vacuum industry instead of contributing to it's demise. There are less than 20 people in Ontario who are properly trained and certified to install your central vacuum system. I am happy to contribute any effort that makes this industry better for the end user, the customer, for you. This will also help the vacuum stores and the professional installers.

I benefited from being personally trained by a certified installer who himself also had over 30 years of experience under his belt. He showed me the right way to design central vacuum systems so that all customers could enjoy a lifetime of no clogs on their properly installed system. This training was not a few days, it was about a year's worth of hand's on instruction and training. And I am happy to report, that after 20 years of installations after being trained properly, my customers are still enjoying the benefits of never having to pay an expensive service call to unclog their system. And this is what I am giving back, the knowledge of how to install properly.

So, when asked what I do for a living, I say that I have successfully helped 1000's of people hide up to 60 feet of hose inside their walls since 2004. And that doesn't count the other tens of thousands of people who just had a regular install. And that doesn't count the handful of installers I have helped along their journey. But it's what I can do for the future of this industry that will be exciting and noteworthy, but that will be a future Blog so stay tuned!

Hiding up to 60 feet of hose leads to many questions... so I thought I would start with the most concerning one.

What if there was a problem with the install and it became clogged??? This should not be happening. No system should be getting clogged!!!





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